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The upper unit has “traveled” extensively through the Western Hemisphere as we study North, Central and South America. We started with the political geography, population, area, and the physical features of the Western Hemisphere.  We reviewed map skills, concentrating on latitude and longitude.  We just finished climate and now are exploring the major cities.  What beautiful places from Rio de Janeiro to Cincinnati we have seen!

OMUN is back! The 6/7’s have selected their country for Ohio Model United Nations, Algeria, and have begun to research and formulate questions for our first resource, McGuffey’s own Marcia and Brian McIntosh, as they lived and worked there. The students are really looking forward to the simulation and are ready to start developing their resolution.

Heidi’s Link Round Up for Autumn
In our 6/7 Science unit on fungi, we have been looking at mold, yeast and mushrooms. Here are some of the sites that we have been watching:

Mold Videos:

Mushroom Videos:

How Bread is Made:

Students in grades 4 – 7 are checking their team standings each day to see how their stock purchases are doing in comparison to the other teams in their division. Some have been a little disappointed lately as the market has been down for the last week or so. But, hopefully, their stocks will bounce back soon. Since we are playing the year-long game, students have more time to recover any losses.

7th grade students are moving quickly through Pre-Algebra curriculum. They are refining and expanding their knowledge of many topics which they have seen in the past. 6th grade students will begin working with decimals this week. 6/7th grade students (in their combined class) are continuing their work with Tinker Plots and completing their survey questions.

Don’t forget Math Night next Thursday, November 1, 2012. We will have three different activities that are appropriate for all of our 1st to 7th graders. This year we will again have the guessing jars for grades 1/2/3, grades 4/5, and grades 6/7. We are also planning a puzzle for the parents.

Don’t forget that we will be collecting pledges/donations for the St. Jude Mathathon this week. Please send your money in early!

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