2011 Summer Camp

McGuffey will be offering two camps this summer!

June 20-24, 9am–12pm, $90
We’ll create a sturdy scrapbook to record the amazing signs of nature in own backyards and around the school. Activities will include drawing, painting, photography, walking, playing, storytelling, music, and more. Please wear play clothes and bring a mid-morning snack.
For children going into grades K/1/2, limit 12 participants.

July 18 -22, 1pm–4:00pm, $90.00
An art class without clean up? Roll up your sleeves and enter the world of pixelized gloppy paint, dusty chalk and drippy ink. In this realm, there is always the opportunity to back up and try again! Dress comfortably and bring a snack. (Parents who would like to try this medium should call Liz Woedl, 280-1044)
For children going into grades 3/4/5/6, limit 8 participants.

Deadline for enrollment is May 25, 2011. Please download the Registration Form to secure your spot!

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