Fall Kindermusik

Dad holds up his daughter to dance during music classes for babies.

Fantastic news for McGuffey families and our community: Hayley Schweitzer will be teaching Kindermusik this fall at McGuffey. Beginning in September, there will be a 4:30 class for infants 0-18 months and a 5:30 class for toddlers 18 months-2.5 years. Both are $25 a month/ $15 for siblings in the same class.

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Preschool Playground Canceled, 8/1

Due to the forecast for thunderstorms at 11 we are going to cancel Preschool Playground this morning. Next week, August 8, will be our last one for the summer—fingers crossed that it will sunny!

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2022 Egg Drop

Egg Drop 2015

At the Last Day of School Picnic, Wednesday, May 25, we will hold our annual Egg Drop. This is a tradition at McGuffey that goes back decades!

Prior to the last day of school, students will spend time at home designing a package that will hold a fresh egg. This “vehicle” will keep it from breaking when it has been thrown off the roof over the kitchen onto cold, hard cement.

This year we have a more challenging drop to offer. The Oxford Fire Department will be bringing one of their ladder trucks to provide a higher drop for those who want it. Many thanks to OFD and to seventh grader Zach  for arranging this!

For novices, the use of bubble wrap is appropriate, however, as the years creep by, many students begin to consider packaging that is more creative and “engineered.”

Although no dangerous materials are permitted, creativity is much revered. There is much respect for innovative schemes, even when they don’t succeed.

– Raw eggs only! No eggs may be hard-boiled.
– No dangerous materials may be used.
– Students may not go on the roof at any time for any reason.
– Egg packages should be delivered to the collection point when they arrive at school.
– Only the designated adult may drop eggs from the roof.
– Students must stay behind the designated “drop zone” boundary.

Good luck and get busy creating!

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2022 Auction Ending Soon!

The 2022 McGuffey Montessori Online Auction ends on Saturday, April 30th. We are raising money for our school and it is also a lot of fun. The auction features all kinds of tickets, beautiful handmade items, gift certificates, and even a vacation house. Last year you all stepped up to help us raise needed funds, crushing our initial auction goal to bring in an astonishing $10,000 for our school. We are hoping to once again meet this lofty $10,000 goal in 2022!

If you are an Ohio resident and auctions aren’t your thing, you can now make a donation of up to $750 annually to McGuffey’s Scholarship fund and get a dollar-for-dollar Ohio tax credit. Better yet, do both! Donating to the state-run Scholarship fund is essentially free for you and will help us further our mission of welcoming as many children as possible to McGuffey. Go here for more details.

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Preschool Open House, May 1

Join us for a peek into our Primary classroom, where we foster independence and emphasize hands-on learning. We believe Preschoolers deserve unique experiences, an environment filled with opportunity, and a nurturing classroom culture.

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Glen Helen, Day 3

Singing the Glen Helen song at Skit Night.
Shelter building
More stream science, including testing the water and finding a leopard salamander.
Exploring the rock formations in the valley.
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Glen Helen, Day 2

Limbo challenge!
What’s that in the window? We glimpsed the legendary Glenfoot!
All three trail groups, preparing to go on the All-Day Hike. 
Stream Science: Studying macro invertebrates to assess the health of a stream.
Stream science can be pretty wet.
It can also be not quite as wet.
These gilled snails indicate a healthy stream; they can’t breathe through gills in water that is too polluted.
Snail shells and a mayfly larva.
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Glen Helen, Day 1

First lunch at the Glen. We found out that the food is super-yummy and that we’re really good at not wasting food.

We made our wasted food goal so found out “WHAT’S IN THE BAG???” Dean and Jill had to have a silly face-making contest. 

The naturalists did their commercials for the four-thirty activities, and students ranked their choices.

After the first hike, it was camp store time!

This group chose shelter-building as their 4:30 activity!

This group chose the friendship bracelet activity and had a great time.

After the skit program, we relaxed with snacks and played games. Then Mark read Mad Libs and a Fractured Fairy Tale, and we headed off to bed. 

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Kites in Geometry

Students in Geometry classes have been putting their mathematical skills to practical use, designing kites for this windy, spring weather! Each student came up with a different design and took class time to execute their plan.

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Upper Unit Physical Science

The Upper Unit is studying Physical Science this semester. Upper Elementary students have been exploring which metals are magnetic and visualizing magnetic fields using iron filings. Middle school students are studying Forces and Motion. This past few weeks they have been investigating balanced and unbalanced forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion.

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