Happy 30th Anniversary McGuffey!


This week McGuffey celebrates its 30th year of welcoming students and families back from summer vacation.

I can only imagine the excitement that the founding staff and families had on that first year of school in 1983. Several of those families even took out second mortgages on their homes to start the school. Can you imagine?

In some ways I suspect the founding staff and families learning curves and excitement were similar to those that I have had this summer as the new Interim Head of School. I wonder if they thought McGuffey would be around long enough for their grandchildren to attend.

We have the privilege of welcoming twenty-one new students this fall, ages 3 through 10. That’s right, twenty-one! The added bonus is that these beautiful faces come with the collected talents and energies of fourteen new families.

When you see Janet Kretschmer, founding Head of School and daily helper still at every hand, please congratulate her on McGuffey turning thirty. We have much to celebrate as we finish our third decade of being a great place to learn and grow—and so much to look forward to.  Thank you for being a part of it.

– Nancy Hawthorne, Interim Head of School

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