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Studying Human Anatomy in the Upper Unit

Ligaments and tendons and bones, oh my! The Upper Unit is studying Anatomy and Physiology in science. They are currently working on the Musculoskeletal System, examining how their own muscles exert force in specific directions, using atlases to look up … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy

Many Upper Unit students are participating in the Oxford NAACP’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Art Exposition this year. This annual event celebrates the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. through the visual and literary arts. The students’ work will … Continue reading

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Baking Muffins with Partners

On Wednesday, our Middle School students and their Lower Elementary partners got together to make a snack for the school: gluten-free muffins for everyone. Since variety is the spice of life, they made two kinds: blueberry and apple streusel. This … Continue reading

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Free Time at Glen Helen

The Upper Unit’s stay at Glen Helen isn’t always full of scheduled activities. There is still time to hang out at the dorm with classmates and have a little unstructured fun. Students have been playing card and board games, playing … Continue reading

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Daily Activities at Glen Helen

The Upper Unit students are enjoying the outdoors at Glen Helen this week, but what are they doing? They are hiking the Glen and learning about birds and forest animals, forest ecology, geology, and local cultural history. The students go … Continue reading

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Games of The Gods

Project-based work is in full swing in the Upper Unit. The students are taking their knowledge of Greek mythology to create games inspired by the Greek gods, goddesses, and heroes. There are board games, card games, and computer games being … Continue reading

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Casting Votes in the Upper Unit

The Upper Unit students have been getting ready for the upcoming United States presidential election by studying the electoral process in the US. They have compared party platforms, learned about the electoral college, studied the candidates’ positions, learned about several minor parties, and are … Continue reading

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Upper Unit’s Star Party

McGuffey’s Upper Unit welcomed Aaron Eiben of the Cincinnati Observatory last Thursday night for our Star Party. Aaron brought two large telescopes and star maps for everyone. He guided students and parents through viewing the moon, several planets, stars, star clusters, … Continue reading

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Curated Collections in the Upper Unit Library

McGuffey’s Upper Unit Library received a facelift over the summer along with a lot of new books! Upper Unit teacher Allison Brigden along with Lower Elementary teacher Matt Metzler obtained a plethora of new and exciting books and spent the summer months working … Continue reading

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Democratic Meetings in the Upper Unit

Every other Wednesday, our Upper Unit students get a chance to shape their world. Democratic meetings give our students the opportunity to make changes to their classroom and their school. Students have the opportunity to come up with ideas for … Continue reading

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