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Prime Numbers with Nancy

At McGuffey, we all wear different hats—from the literal hats and caps that students wear on Crazy Hat Day (see above for our friend in the fuzzy hat, left hand corner) to the symbolic hats that staff members wear when they … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Susan Guidi on her Montessori Certification

Congratulations to Susan Guidi on completion of her Montessori certification! Susan is our Upper Unit Social Studies and English Language Arts teacher and has been working on her certification for over a year. We are grateful for all the extra … Continue reading

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Upper Unit Studies Civil Rights During Year of Freedom Summer 50th Anniversary

The Upper and Middle School grades started the school year looking at the Civil Rights Movement. We wanted to share and connect with Miami University’s commemoration of Freedom Summer. Matt Metzler, who has been working for McGuffey part-time, was a … Continue reading

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Last day of school

We celebrated the last day of school with our annual family gathering. Parents and friends brought amazing food to share, followed by the egg drop. Children from preschool on up crafted ingenious contraptions, hoping their egg would survive intact when … Continue reading

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2013 Egg Drop

At the Last Day of School Potluck, Thursday, May 30th, we will hold our annual Egg Drop. This is a tradition at McGuffey that goes back decades! Prior to the last day of school, students will spend time at home … Continue reading

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Orange Pear Apple Bear

This week we had music partners to work on an early rhythm exercise for the pre-primary unit. Not only did the younger set get their first lesson in composing with rhythm, the older students had a chance to cement the … Continue reading

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McGuffey Montessori Summer Camps 2013

McGuffey Montessori is offering three summer camps this year. Enrollment is limited but is currently open! Camp information and downloadable registration forms can be found here.

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Moving on

Do you remember as a kid, that the day after your birthday was kind of a downer? Or, how the moments after you opened your presents could bring a sense of disappointment, a longing for the anticipation you felt before … Continue reading

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Upper students moving along in math

7th graders are moving along quickly through the 3rd chapter of the Algebra I book. They are looking at more complicated equations and delving into many different types of word problems. 6th graders are reviewing and extending their knowledge of … Continue reading

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The Intermediate group gets suspicious while the Upper group becomes poetic

Ask an Intermediate student if they know the origin of the idiom “To Circle the Wagons”. The Oregon Trail, the California Gold Rush and the idea of Manifest Destiny are the some of the topics the Intermediates are exploring as … Continue reading

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