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Upper Unit: Back in the Swing of Things

The Upper Unit started the school last week with a host of new activities. The main building was full of fresh faces as the newly-minted Grade 4 students joined our classroom. The students got right to work creating the Upper Unit rules when … Continue reading

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First Day of School, Slow Start Love

We love how our Slow Start for Primary and Lower Elementary gives each student the space and time to ease into their classroom, whether that classroom is a new one or a familiar one. Today, students who were new to their … Continue reading

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Babysitters in Training

While school is out for summer, twelve of our students came back to school all day today for babysitter training by the Fitton YMCA. This is an extension of our Practical Life curriculum. Students learned how to care for infants, toddlers and pre-adolescents … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King Jr. Creative Arts Exposition

Several students in the Upper Unit participated in Oxford’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Creative Arts Exposition. They were challenged to create a visual or written piece of art based on either the inspiration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. … Continue reading

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A Tour of Music Hall

Upper Unit students enjoyed a real treat after the concert by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra late last month. Following lunch, which they brown bagged and ate in the lobby, students divided into two groups for a tour of the magnificent Music Hall. … Continue reading

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Weekly Sharing in the Upper Unit

On Wednesdays, the Upper Elementary and Middle School students at McGuffey Montessori have a designated time when they share one of their interests with the rest of the class. Sharing is an important part of the week and an important … Continue reading

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Democratic Meetings in the Upper Unit

In the Upper Unit, students get the opportunity to effect change in their classroom through the democratic process. At monthly Democratic Meetings, the students get together to form committees, craft proposals, and present them to the class. Proposals need to receive … Continue reading

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Sewing in the Upper Unit

Students in the Upper Unit spent the month of October working on their sewing skills. First they learned a whipstitch, often used to sew patches onto clothes. The students worked with sheets of denim as well as denim patches to simulate … Continue reading

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Deductive Reasoning and Puzzle Solving

Middle School Math students in Marcia’s classes got a wonderful treat last week. Dr. Jeff Wanko visited the classroom and gave a presentation on deductive reasoning and puzzle solving. Dr. Wanko is the chair of the Department of Teacher Education at Miami … Continue reading

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Learning the Art of Calligraphy

McGuffey’s Upper Unit students are learning the art of ‘writing beautifully’ by using calligraphy. The word calligraphy comes from the Greek words for ‘beautiful writing’—kallos and graphos. By learning about and practicing decorative handwriting, students can gain an appreciation for … Continue reading

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