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March Madness at McGuffey!

As the annual NCAA basketball tournament draws near, our McGuffey students took to the hardcourt. Over the next few weeks all classes will work on basketball fundamentals such as passing, dribbling, and shooting. After we have worked on these basic … Continue reading

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Working on Mathematics Skills in Upper Elementary

Our Upper Elementary students have been honing their Mathematics skills in a variety of ways, including challenging word problems that target specific critical thinking skills, iPad apps for memorization of Math facts, and self-guided workbooks. Montessori manipulatives also provide variety and excitement. This … Continue reading

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Working on Literature Journals in the Upper Unit

In the Upper Unit, students’ Literature Journals are a chance for them to have a dialogue with a teacher about texts they are currently reading. This work has multiple benefits: writing their thoughts helps students to crystallize them, and also helps to make invisible thinking … Continue reading

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Examining the Cardiovascular System in the Upper Unit

The students in our Upper Unit had a chance to dissect pig hearts and lungs last week as part of their study of the circulatory system. After exploring the heart and lung system as a whole, students examined and dissected heart structures such … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day with Partners

Our Upper Elementary students were able to spend some fun time with their Primary partners getting ready for Valentine’s Day. The students worked together to decorate their card bags with foam hearts, markers, and stickers. Partner work is a special opportunity for our … Continue reading

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Having Fun Learning Taekwondo

Oxford Martial Arts & Fitness welcomed our students back last Friday for our first Taekwondo lesson of the year. These lessons are part of our PE program, and they give our students the opportunity to run, jump, kick, and block with their instructors. The lessons … Continue reading

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Playing Math Games in Upper Elementary

Math is fun! That’s what Upper Elementary students are learning as they work on their Mathematics skills using several games. These games work on drilling skills like multiplication and division while making the experience more enjoyable for the students. Ask … Continue reading

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McGuffey on Ice

January brings the cold wind and snow, but it also brings ice skating. McGuffey students are always excited for January because it means PE at the ice rink. The students get to have the rink to themselves to learn to skate, … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy

Many Upper Unit students are participating in the Oxford NAACP’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Art Exposition this year. This annual event celebrates the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. through the visual and literary arts. The students’ work will … Continue reading

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Casting “Singing in the Rain”

On November 1, the annual musical was announced using a sprinkler and rain-gear to let parents and students know that we will be performing “Singing In The Rain.” Our performances will be held on May 4 and 5, 2017, at the … Continue reading

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