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Practical Life

The purpose of Practical Life in a Montessori classroom is to help the child gain control of her movements and build independence. These works appeal to Primary-aged children who can often be heard saying, “I can do it!”. Practical Life exercises can … Continue reading

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School Closed, 2/1

McGuffey will be closed Friday, February 1. If you have Trivia Night auction donations to drop off, please email the office.

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Primary students have spent the past week studying insects. We learned that all insects have six legs and three body parts, the thorax, body and head. There are many groups of insects including flies, bees, and butterflies, which we remember … Continue reading

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Miami Women’s Basketball Game

The Miami Women’s Basketball team invited local schools to join them for their home game this past Tuesday. The Lower Elementary and Upper Unit walked from school to Millet Hall where they were treated to an exciting game between the … Continue reading

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Celebrating Fall

Over the last few weeks, we have been observing the changes in our environment that occur during the season of fall. The leaves have been changing color, birds can be seen flying south, squirrels and other animals are gathering food … Continue reading

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Woodwind Reeds

McGuffey students study a different instrument family in music each grade. Third graders have been learning about and exploring woodwind instruments of the orchestra: oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, flute and piccolo. They learned that in order to be considered a … Continue reading

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As we continue our exploration of South America, we began talking about Argentina. A large country, Argentina stretches across the southern half of South America, which means its landscape has a range of climates and geographic features. With a mix … Continue reading

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The Solar System

This week we began talking about the solar system. We hung models of eight planets and the sun in our classroom so that the children could get an idea of how the solar system might look in space. When children … Continue reading

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Students Outside and Running (SOAR)

On Friday, October 5, we begin our annual SOAR program at recess. SOAR is both a fundraiser and a Physical Education activity that promotes walking, running and goal setting. Students set a goal for their own mileage and then run … Continue reading

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Magnets and Electricity

Our science topic this week is electricity and magnets. Students built two different electric circuits, one which could turn a light on and off with a switch, and one which could launch a small fan into the air. We also … Continue reading

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