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Light and Sound

This week we are exploring light and sound! As part of our exploration of light we used a prism to separate sunlight into the colors of the rainbow. Children also used mirrors to bounce light from one surface to another, … Continue reading

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Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

On Tuesday we talked about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his significance in history. At this age, we try to find a gentle way to talk about this subject. We began with a basket of eggs in a variety … Continue reading

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Muscles and Bones

We have a visitor to our classroom this week! He has lived at McGuffey for quite some time, and has been affectionately named “Brainless Bob.” He is a life-size plastic skeleton, which allows our class to see exactly what is … Continue reading

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Prepared for High School?

Congratulations to our five most recent graduates who all made the Honor Roll for their first quarter of high school! Many people ask how our students transition to high school. While we value the development of the whole child, this … Continue reading

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Digestion, respiration, and circulation

We have been studying the human body in science, beginning with digestion and nutrition. We read the book What Happens to a Hamburger? and traced the journey of food through the body. Ms. Torso visited us to help explain digestion. … Continue reading

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Social Studies is moving south! This week our study of the world moved to South America. Our first country is Chile, a long, skinny country on the west coast. Chile is unique because it is so long. At the top … Continue reading

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Solids, Liquids, and Gases

This week in Primary we have been talking about matter. Matter is anything that takes up space, and it can present in several states. We discussed the three most familiar states of matter—solid, liquid, and gas. Using a hula hoop, … Continue reading

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The String Family

In order to deepen their knowledge of the string family, second graders were treated to a visit by McGuffey parent Luciana Caixeta. Luciana is a professional violinist and brought all sorts of goodies with her. Second graders first played egg cartons … Continue reading

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Chemistry in McGuffey’s new Science Room!

Thanks to a very kind donation, McGuffey was able to finish converting one of the Main Building’s upstairs rooms into a science lab this summer. We are enjoying all the facilities to the fullest while studying chemistry this semester – … Continue reading

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Primary students have been studying bees and we were fortunate to have visitors come tell us all about them. Nick and Amy Fankhauser brought the tools and equipment they use to raise bees. We learned that sometimes bees need fixed … Continue reading

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