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The Read-a-Thon Rolls On!

The Read-a-Thon enters its second week today! Our students have been focusing on reading at school and home. Several of our students are challenging themselves to read 24 hours on their own! This is our academic fundraiser so we’d like … Continue reading

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International Kids’ Yoga Day

Oxford-area yoga instructor Jill Levendaris joined our Physical Education classes on Friday, April 7 so we could be among the more than 40,000 children to participate in the second International Kids’ Yoga Day. Jill guided the students through the poses that … Continue reading

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Primary Studies Ghana

Primary recently continued their exploration of Africa by shifting their focus to Ghana. Although it is a small country, about twice the size of Ohio, it has many unique characteristics. It is where the well-known kente cloth originated, woven on looms … Continue reading

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Learning About Fish in Primary

Students in Primary recently continued their exploration of the animal kingdom by discussing fish. They used a fish skeleton to see that fish are vertebrates, with a clearly defined backbone. They saw that fins help a fish balance, steer, and stop. They observed metal discs in … Continue reading

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Primary studies South Africa

In Primary, we began our exploration of Africa, with our first country being South Africa. We discussed environment, climate, wildlife, music, art, currency, and traditions. We don’t delve into issues of apartheid at this age, but we do say that … Continue reading

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Spiders, crustaceans, worms, and more!

In Primary, we have been exploring animals that don’t have backbones, but aren’t insects. Animals as diverse as jellyfish, coral, sponges, horseshoe crabs, lobsters, mites, ticks, spiders, starfish, worms, centipedes, snails, slugs and millipedes are also invertebrates. They’re having fun … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day with Partners

Our Upper Elementary students were able to spend some fun time with their Primary partners getting ready for Valentine’s Day. The students worked together to decorate their card bags with foam hearts, markers, and stickers. Partner work is a special opportunity for our … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day

McGuffey Factoid: Upper Unit teacher, Mark, LOVES Groundhog Day. Mark came to Primary on Groundhog Day last week to be their guest reader. He brought with him books about one of his very favorite holidays. His books explained this very silly holiday, … Continue reading

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Having Fun Learning Taekwondo

Oxford Martial Arts & Fitness welcomed our students back last Friday for our first Taekwondo lesson of the year. These lessons are part of our PE program, and they give our students the opportunity to run, jump, kick, and block with their instructors. The lessons … Continue reading

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The Celebration of Learning in Primary

A couple weeks ago we hosted our annual Celebration of Learning. This is a special night where our students get to share their classroom with their parents and show them what they do. They are so proud of their classroom and … Continue reading

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