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Act of Kindness?

What started out as an act of kindness for the school, quickly turned to an act of silliness by the LE Classroom.

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SOAR Weekend Family Hike

On Sunday, October 12, at 1:00pm, we will be taking SOAR (Students Outside Active and Running) to the Miami Natural Trails for a McGuffey Community Hike. We will begin by hiking a three mile loop. Immediately following the completion of … Continue reading

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We have been having a great time skating on Fridays! Check out our video and pictures from last week’s session. Thanks to Goggin Ice Center for coordinating this program with us, and to our many parent volunteers!

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Capture The Flag

One goal I have for P.E. is to give the Middle School students a chance to play games just for fun with each other to help foster their interpersonal relationships. This also allows them to learn the rules of various … Continue reading

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Hike-A-Thon this weekend at Miami University.

This weekend we have a wonderful chance to get out and enjoy some of the Autumn weather. We encourage all of the students to take their parents out on to the trails to explore their ecosystem! For more information, please … Continue reading

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SOAR kicks off with a Saturday hike

Spring is here and so is MMS’s favorite Spring activity: SOAR! SOAR stands for Students Outside Active and Running, and is a way to promote exercise and love of the outdoors, along with providing a community service. This weekend we … Continue reading

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Please send in Tae Kwon Do forms!

Tae Kwon Do returns in March! For the newcomers, we take the students to Oxford Martial Arts for four Fridays in March. There is no fee charged to parents for these classes. We do need a liability waiver signed. You … Continue reading

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Rhythmic Memory,Jumping Rope and Pioneer Lives

In music class the children have now moved onto a series of classes dedicated to rhythmic and tonal memory. We began with rhythmic memory today, starting with copying simple rhythms using pats, claps and snaps. We followed that with a game called … Continue reading

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Vocabulary, Rhythm, Musical Notation and Volleyball

Now we’re cooking! This was our final music class of the term and the children put all of their hard work into one, exciting lesson. We pulled from their experience with working as a group, knowledge of vocabulary and rhythm, as … Continue reading

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Primary: Centrifugal force, research reports, Art and PE

In the Primary unit (1/2/3) with Carla and Kris this week, the students continued to learn and have fun with centrifugal force. We talked about roller coasters having centrifugal force. When the roller coaster just went straight, was that centrifugal … Continue reading

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