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Happy Grandparents Day!

Sunday, September 10th, is National Grandparents Day! To celebrate, Lower Elementary made a video for their grandparents to show them how much they are loved. The video was written, directed, and filmed by the Lower Elementary students.

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Foot Painting

The nicer weather allows Primary students the opportunity to take enrichment outside. Today we painted—with our feet! We don’t have many photos to share, as the teachers were busy putting paint of the feet of some very eager artists. They … Continue reading

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Sign Language in Primary

A tenant of the Montessori classroom is respect; respect for productive work, respect for our environment, and respect for the feelings of others, to name a few. To show respect, the Primary classroom uses sign language frequently during our day. By … Continue reading

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Democratic Meetings in the Upper Unit

Every other Wednesday, our Upper Unit students get a chance to shape their world. Democratic meetings give our students the opportunity to make changes to their classroom and their school. Students have the opportunity to come up with ideas for … Continue reading

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Learning Yoga at McGuffey

McGuffey students have begun yoga practice with the help of yoga instructor Jill Levenderis. Students in every classroom will be enjoying four weeks of yoga instruction, which will give them a basic foundation in yoga and knowledge of several basic poses. Yoga … Continue reading

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Lower Elementary Studies Martin Luther King, Jr.

Last week in Lower Elementary, leading up to the long weekend that included Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, students spent a couple afternoons learning about the Reverend Dr. King. In mixed-age groups, students took turns reading three different books aloud to … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King Jr. Creative Arts Exposition

Several students in the Upper Unit participated in Oxford’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Creative Arts Exposition. They were challenged to create a visual or written piece of art based on either the inspiration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. … Continue reading

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Democratic Meetings in the Upper Unit

In the Upper Unit, students get the opportunity to effect change in their classroom through the democratic process. At monthly Democratic Meetings, the students get together to form committees, craft proposals, and present them to the class. Proposals need to receive … Continue reading

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A Listening Walk with Partners

As part of the Primary Peace curriculum, we read The Listening Walk, a book about a father and daughter who take a walk in silence, but mindfully listen to the world around them. We thought this would a fun exercise … Continue reading

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Town Hall Meeting

A little over a week ago, we held our first Town Hall Meeting of the year. Each time we hold a Town Hall Meeting, we choose a topic for the entire school to think about and discuss. Last year’s topic … Continue reading

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