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Where are they now?

I recently received the following about Thea Bartlett (my niece) and wanted to share with you how she is using all that math and science that she learned to love while at McGuffey.  This was taken from the Eckerd College … Continue reading

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Lower Elementary

Number Of The Day Students are given a group of numbers from which to choose and do equations. Checkerboard Multiplication Students learn about multiplication and place value by using checkerboard and colored bead bars. Test Tube Division Students learn about … Continue reading

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McGuffey Learning Goes Digital

  This year Middle School students have access to online textbooks for the first time at McGuffey. Seventh graders are already using their online Pre-Algebra books. Susan is completing the set-up for Grades 7/8 to have access to online books for … Continue reading

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Upper Elementary Math

4th and 5th graders are continuing their work with addition.  Most 4th graders are working with 4 to 5 digit numbers.  5th graders are working with numbers up to 9,999,999,999.  6th graders have moved on to their review of subtraction … Continue reading

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Upper students moving along in math

7th graders are moving along quickly through the 3rd chapter of the Algebra I book. They are looking at more complicated equations and delving into many different types of word problems. 6th graders are reviewing and extending their knowledge of … Continue reading

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Stock Market results and field trip news.

The Stock Market Game has concluded. Our elementary teams finished in 6th, 14th, 15th, and 29th places out of 37. Our intermediate teams finished in 13th and 16th places out of 25. Next fall, I will give students the opportunity … Continue reading

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Adventures in algebra

The 7th graders are moving nicely through the Algebra I curriculum.  We are about to finish our second unit – Working with Real Numbers.  The new concepts introduced in this unit were Distributive Property and Problem Solving with Consecutive Integers. … Continue reading

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Oxford Kinetics Festival

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Math, Scale and Smartboard

EEEEEEKKK!  7th graders took their first Algebra I test this week on Friday.   6th graders are continuing their work with scale factors and scale drawings. Some exciting news –  the Smart Board is up and running.  Thanks so much … Continue reading

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Algebra, Proportion and Tinkerplots

7th graders are making steady progress in Algebra I.   This week, they continued working on translating English phrases and sentences into algebraic expressions and equations using variables.  During Learning Studio, they looked at how time on Earth is related … Continue reading

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