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Wheel of Life: Food Chain of the Temperate Forest

As Lower Elementary continues their study of Biomes, they’re taking a closer look at the each of the six components that make up a biome. They’re currently exploring energy, which means understanding its importance and observing how it is exchanged … Continue reading

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Rainbow Artwork Exhibit in Cincinnati

Last month, students in Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary worked with Ayelet on rainbow artwork during Art class. Their work was sent to the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati and is now on display as part of a children’s exhibition. Recently, a … Continue reading

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Lower Elementary Prepares Birdhouse Gourds

Students in Lower Elementary have been busy preparing birdhouse gourds for next year’s incoming Grade 1 students. This is a tradition that began last year in our classroom. All students participate in the process: planting birdhouse gourd seeds in the … Continue reading

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Foot Painting

The nicer weather allows Primary students the opportunity to take enrichment outside. Today we painted—with our feet! We don’t have many photos to share, as the teachers were busy putting paint of the feet of some very eager artists. They … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Musical in Art Class

  As our annual musical is coming together and everybody has been practicing their lines and their dance moves, there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes! And we all know that the musical wouldn’t be complete … Continue reading

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Woodworking Kindergarteners

  The art curriculum in Kindergarten Studio is one that builds throughout the year. Starting with two dimensional drawing, children then explore a variety of three-dimensional art, fiber arts, and then end the year with woodworking. The woodworking unit is … Continue reading

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Enjoying Creative Choices in Art

McGuffey students have been making great use of choices in Art class. When students choose their projects in Art, motivation for their work comes from within. This intrinsic motivation results in more productive and creative work from students. It also … Continue reading

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Self-Portraits with Partners

Last week Lower Elementary students met with their Middle School partners, and together, they completed Lower Elementary’s monthly self-portraits. Lower Elementary students drew themselves as usual, and then their Middle School partners added themselves into the pictures, too! Not only … Continue reading

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Color Party

Yesterday in Art, Ingrid hosted a “color party” for students in Lower Elementary. Grade 1 students study the color wheel every year, but this year our students in Grades 2 and 3 got involved and helped prepare for the party, making … Continue reading

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Paper and Concrete Bling Bowls

McGuffey students in Grades 1 through 8 have been experimenting with various types of concrete and paper mixtures. Grade 1 students created bowls out of shredded construction paper and concrete. This project had multiple steps and required some patience as our bowls slowly … Continue reading

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