The Peace Rose


Today we introduced the concept of the Peace Rose. This is a core piece of the Montessori curriculum that helps children negotiate conflict resolution.

We read the book, The Peace Rose, which explains how to use the rose. The rose sits in a vase in our Peace Corner. When there is a conflict, one child will get the rose and the children will sit together. Whoever is holding the rose speaks while the other child listens. When the rose is passed, the other child has a chance to speak and the first child listens. Instead of speaking to a teacher, they talk to one another, expressing their feelings and helping to craft a solution. At the beginning of the year a teacher often sits with the children, as a neutral party, and helps facilitate. When  resolution is reached, everyone puts their hand on the stem of the rose and says, “Friends.” This helps to remind us that we might have disagreements, but we are still friends. But by the end of the year, many children can complete this process on their own.

To demonstrate this process, today the teachers had several pretend arguments and then solved them using the Peace Rose. Children love this demonstration! They gave us suggestions on what we should argue about and then excitedly watched the resolution.

If you are interested in ordering a copy of this book for home, it is available to order from Montessori Services.

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