Kindergarten presentations: living and non-living things


As part of our study of living and non-living things, each kindergartener went on a nature observation walk in kindergarten studio on Monday. During the walk, they recorded the things they saw around them by drawing or writing. When we returned to the classroom, we classified what they recorded as living or non-living.

Then they chose one thing to present to the rest of the class at morning meeting. We  practiced our presentations during studio, and then presented for real at morning meeting. Each child showed a card to the group with their choice on it, named their item and whether it was living or non-living, and explained why it belonged in that category. The kindergarteners enjoyed their time in the spotlight, and the younger children enjoyed hearing from them!

We also talked about the needs of living things as a group, and introduced another work where children could classify objects as alive and not alive, this time using pictures.

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