Wrapping Up Willy Wonka

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In music classes this week, the students are wrapping up the musical. Thank you cards have been discussed, written, and signed. Students’ music books are now decorated with pictures from our show, signed by cast-mates, and have gone home. Our props and sets have been inventoried and packed away for use another year.

It has been a week to rejoice, relive, and laugh… and now, move on to other goals and endeavors.

Our hearty thanks to the entire McGuffey village of staff, parents, board, and community members for supporting our efforts and helping us rise beyond our dreams to a world outside our own, to a time of coming together for the greater good, to a place where you can even eat the dishes.

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A Second Round of McGuffey’s Writing Club

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After our first Writing Club last fall proved so fun and successful, we brought it back for a second round this spring! We’re only a few weeks underway so far, but our writers have already penned some great pieces as we’ve explored the genres of fables, comedies, and science fiction.

During our study of fables, we listened to Aesop’s classic story about the lion and the mouse, and then everybody chose an animal and a moral and began crafting fables of their own. After sharing, everybody paired up and wrote another fable, this time crafting it around their respective animal characters meeting each other!

Then, we tried our hand at writing comedy. Some of us wrote about funny experiences in our own lives, some of us drew comics, and others wrote jokes and stand-up comedy. We took a quick break and listened to Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?” routine, which served as an inspiration to work with a partner and write our very own comedic dialogue. Performing these dialogues with each other at the end of the day was definitely one of the most memorable sharing sessions that we’ve had in Writing Club so far.

We can’t wait to see what our writers will come up with during the next few sessions! By the end of the year, we hope to have another edition of The McGuffey Times newspaper to share with the school and the community at large.

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CancerFree Kids Raffle

In partnership with Kramer Elementary, join us in raising funds for CancerFree Kids. Families at both schools have been impacted by pediatric cancer. 

All proceeds benefit CancerFree Kids, a Cincinnati-based charity with the mission to fund research to eliminate childhood cancer.

Raffle tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5. 

You can purchase tickets at McGuffey before school, during the day and after school April 22 and 23. This is a pick-your-raffle process so be sure to include the item number(s) you want on your tickets. The lists of raffle items can be found here.

Drawing will be on April 24th at Kramer Elementary School.  Winners need not be present. 

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Tending to Our Gardens

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Now that springtime weather has begun to settle in, students in all grades have begun to tend to the various gardens on McGuffey’s grounds. Every class has a garden of some kind in their outdoor classroom area, and we’ve learned that gardens can come in all shapes and sizes, whether we plant them in the ground or in a container like a pot or a box, and whether we grow vegetables, flowers, herbs, or any other kinds of plants.

Gardening, along with all of its individual steps such as weeding, planting, watering, trimming, and harvesting, forms an integral part of our practical life curriculum at McGuffey. It helps students feel more connected to the environment and to their outdoor classroom areas, and helps them become attuned to the changing of the seasons and the way that these changes can impact our daily lives. Students will continue working in the gardens as our school year begins to draw to a close.

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Partners in Lower Elementary and Middle School

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Before spring break, students from Lower Elementary and Middle School got together for partner time, which let the older students show their younger friends how hard they’ve worked on their aquatic species research project. They read their papers to Lower Elementary students, shared videos, and presented their favorite facts, while Lower Elementary practiced listening skills, asked questions, and drew pictures of the species. It was a great way to spend the afternoon!

We cherish these opportunities to visit each other’s classrooms at McGuffey, and it’s a great way for students to see and hear what other classes are working on.

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Earn 4 Family Work Hours by enrolling your Kroger Card!

Did you know that each year McGuffey raises hundreds of dollars simply by families and friends linking their Kroger Plus card to McGuffey? Simply link your Kroger Plus card to McGuffey through your online account and we receive a percentage from every purchase you make, including gas! There is no cost for enrolling, you don’t pay anything at all for participating in Community Rewards.

To encourage participation in this easy fundraising program, we are offering FOUR Family Work Hours to each family that brings in an April Kroger sales receipt showing enrollment!

Each year Kroger requires you to re-enroll in the Community Rewards program, so even if you have previously linked your card to McGuffey, you will need to link it again. Enrollment begins April 1, 2015. 

Please follow the instruction below to enroll or re-enroll.

To create a new online account and register your Kroger Plus card for the Community Rewards Program:

  • Start here.
  • Click on “Get started. Sign up today!” in the “New to Kroger.com?” box.
  • Sign up by entering your email address, password, and zip code. Select your favorite store.
  • Enter your Kroger Plus card information.
  • You will then get a message to check your email inbox and click on the link within the body of the email.
  • Click on “My Account”.
  • Click on “Community Rewards”.
  • Update or confirm your information.
  • Enter our code number, 80713, in the “find your organization” field.
  • To verify you are enrolled correctly, you will see your organization’s name on in the Community Rewards section of your account information.
  • Remember, purchases will not count for your group until after you register your card.

To re-enroll your Kroger Plus card for the Community Rewards Program:

  • Start here.
  • Sign in by entering your email address and password.
  • Enter our code number, 80713, in the “find your organization” field.
  • Select McGuffey.
  • Click “save” and you’re re-enrolled for this year!
  • To verify you are enrolled correctly, you will see your organization’s name on in the Community Rewards section of your account information.

Remember, this offer is only good for cards linked to McGuffey in APRIL. Questions? Need help? Please email or call Ingrid, (513) 523-7742. Thank you so much!

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Another Opening, Another Show


Last night, McGuffey opened its latest musical, Willy Wonka Junior, at the Oxford Community Arts Center. The show was a smashing success. Thank you to all the parents and staff who helped our students put on such a great musical. The entire evening was a testament to the students’ hard work and passion as they gave the gift of song and laughter to our community.

Come join us tonight at 6:30 pm or Saturday at 2:00 pm for the last two performances of Willy Wonka Junior. Tickets are free (read this post to learn how to claim your tickets) and donations are gratefully accepted.

Photo credit: Donna Benkin Danoff

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The Final Dress Rehearsal for Willy Wonka Junior


Today was the final dress rehearsal for our musical, Willy Wonka Junior. Students in Grades 1-8 spent the day at the Oxford Community Arts Center practicing with sets, costumes and props. What a day we had, finding spots throughout the play that were “sticky” and working together to fix these challenges and snags. The students and staff joined together to make the show the best it can be as a gift to you, our families, and our Oxford community.

Come join us for the performances, March 25th and 26th at 6:30 pm and March 28th at 2:00 pm at the Oxford Community Arts Center.

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Moving In the Sets for Willy Wonka Junior


Many, many thanks to the parents and staff who helped load the sets into the Arts Center last night. We had a ball moving and putting them together while watching the stage come to life for our musical, Willy Wonka Junior.

If you haven’t already, take a moment to sign up to help in other ways here: Musical Onsite Help and Hospitality.

Performances are happening on March 25th, 26th, and 28th at the Oxford Community Arts Center.

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Willy Wonka Junior Performances This Week



McGuffey’s annual musical is this week! Our students will be performing Willy Wonka Junior on March 25, 26, and 28 at the Oxford Community Arts Center. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The performances on Wednesday, March 25 and Thursday, March 26 begin at 6:30 pm. Students should arrive at the theater by 6:00 pm.
  • The performance on Saturday, March 28 begins at 2:00 pm. Students should arrive at the theater by 1:30 pm.
  • We need parent volunteers to help us with a variety of tasks for each performance. You can sign up to help out with these tasks and to bring food for our performers at the following link: Onsite Help and Hospitality.
  • Tickets are available and free for each performance. If you are an immediate family member of a McGuffey student, you can claim your tickets by putting your information on the Family Ticket Sign Up form. If you are an extended family member of a McGuffey student, a friend, or an Oxford community member, you can claim your tickets by putting your information on the Community Ticket Sign Up form. Please make sure to read the text at the top of the form before you sign up.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our performances, and we thank you for your help in making this week an unforgettable time for our students!

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